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Eye Care Centre

Cape Global Eye Care Centre was established to answer a need for corporate and industrial on-site eye care for under privileged workers. The centre is located in the Western Cape and offers services to Cape Town, the West Coast and surrounding regions.

Today the company employs qualified optometrists who do screenings on the sites of clients in order to assess workers’ ability to see. Were a worker’s sight has been impaired, it often leads to lower productivity, complaints of head- aches and at times, an inability to perform required tasks.

Cape Global Eye Care Centre also performs full eye tests where needed and offers a range of very affordable spectacles to assist workers who cannot afford the range of products which is generally available.

The Centre also offers an affordable service to local hospitals, clinics, schools and other organizations affiliated with the Departments of Health and Education.

Cape Global Eye Care Centre has a culture of constant quality improvement and has a stringent quality management plan in place.

People who do not have access to medical aid or who are from lower income groups are welcome to make use of the low rates offered by Cape Global Eye Care Centre. As part of our community investment program, we often run outreach programs to local homes for the aged and pre-school facilities.

Our services Include:

  • On-Site Eye Sight Screenings
  • Eye Tests
  • Affordable Spectacles
  • Eye Care Awareness Training
  • Front liner Training

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information about any of these services.