Private College

The Cape Global Construction and Engineering Training Centre is a Private college which is accredited by MERSETA and MICT Seta.

Currently this institute caters for Basic First Aid, Safety and Health, English Communication, a variety of computer courses and business related skills courses.

Skills courses are more career orientated, which strive to provide high quality education and training. Valuable life skills are gained through this which will equip the student with more than just theoretical knowledge. These courses are imported from Canada and thus have international content and is of the highest standard.

The credit bearing courses are all SAQA based and thus adhere to the highest level of quality. Outcomes/results are checked and evaluated by Quality Control personnel of the various SETAS. This Training Centre is therefore confident of the high quality of the training that is provided.

Luna Vermeulen, Managing Director
(+27) 83 375 0909

Physical Address: Suite 4, Medical Centre,
Hill Street, Vredenburg, South Africa
Postal Address: PO Box 507, Vredenburg, 7380, South Africa

Tel: (+27) 22 715 3200
Fax: (+27) 22 715 3201