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Ozone Therapy is a process in which the combination of Ozone, steam and ultraviolet light is used. Ozone attacks all unbalanced, toxic and diseased cells.Ozone Therapy Cabinet

I would like to introduce you to Ozone Therapy which is a process in which the combination of Ozone and steam sauna therapy. Ozone, or “activated oxygen”, is introduced into a special sauna cabinet where it is absorbed transdermally (across the skin) of the sauna occupant and then attacks all unbalanced, toxic and diseased cells.

Ozone therapy is important in that it detoxifies the body, eliminates water retention, is excellent for arthritis, heals infections, fights cancer, reduces cellulite, improves weight loss, heals the body, gives energy, assists in the healing process of any sporting injuries and broken bones, blood circulation. Treats skin diseases and condition, address the auto-immune system, and many more benefits.

Ozone therapy is now big business in South Africa and articles appear in newspapers, magazines and medical journals. The response is excellent and the results for detoxification, building your immune system, giving you energy, breakdown of cholesterol and any other plaque in your veins, reduces stress, relieves back pain, healing of diabetic wounds and the list is ongoing.

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