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Cape Global International is a cost effective Recruitment solution that covers the entire recruitment process from the setting up of the job requisition, competency based job profiling and advertising of jobs, to the creation of a Resume database and numerous advanced response handling tools.

The result is streamlined recruitment, improved turn – around time, reduced expenses and a legally compliant, consistent and fair recruitment process.


  • Set up a job requisition and incorporate a competency based profile consisting of accurate job descriptions that are non – discriminatory and legally compliant.


  • Publish jobs on our website and intranet – ensuring the jobs available receive maximum exposure to a large pool of quality candidates.


  • Cape Global International has a large database build up through our branch in South Africa. A database consisting of approx. 15 000 quality candidates. Our online posting of resumes, allows candidates to apply online and be added to the database


  • Save time and increase efficiency with superior response handling tools including online screening and interviewing technology, multiple regret and contacting tools and Resume shortlist features.


  • The first step in the process is the Job Requisition phase. This is a permission based feature that includes a task – based approvals framework. The client completes the online job requisition and is automatically send to us for process.
  • Requisition information will be used to automatically match candidates in our database to the job description you have created.
  • Part of the requisition phase involves the incorporation of an accurate Competency Based Job Profile that consists of functional and behavioural competencies generated from our system.
  • Minimum requirements of the job are used to filter out unsuitable candidates.


  • Through powerful technology, Cape Global International has the ability to publish multiple jobs on our website as well as advertising on numerous other channels to guarantee optimal advertising and exposure of the position.


    • Cape Global International provides our clients with a solution whereby we mange the recruitment process easily and efficiently with Response Handling tools, including multiple contact and regret, manual contact and regret, Resume shortlist and notes features as well as advanced filtering and screening tools.


    • Successful Candidates
      • Cape Global International will shortlist successful candidates that comply with the clients requirements.
      • We will send shortlisted candidates an online Competency Interview consisting of free – form questions.


  • Unsuccessful Candidates
    • Cape Global International will regret candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements set by the client at the Requisition stage.
    • Cape Global International allows for manual (one – by – one) or bulk (many – at – once) regretting and contacting of candidates.


    • Cape Global International already have a large database and offers online registration of candidates.


    • All candidates who apply for positions available will automatically have their Resumes loaded into our database.


    • Our database incorporates an advance search engine which provides the facility to accurately search on any aspect of a resume.

This allows us to search their talent pool to identify suitable matches to particular jobs using various fields including qualifications, experience and skills.

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