Contribution from Government

Will be best motivated if Government sees that business will also make a substantial contribution

Contribution from Business

Introduction of Funding Councils
1% of salary package to JOB CREATION COUNCIL
2% of salary package to TRAINING COUNCIL
1% of salary package to CONSTRUCTION COUNCIL
1% of salary package to EDUCATION FUND

Private Funding

A Fundraiser can be appointed to raise private funds for Skills Development.
World charity organizations can be contacted to donate books and other educational tools

Acquisition of Resources

Service Level Agreements to be entered into with current Learning Centres such as Universities or Technical Schools

Resources must be ordered from only Southern African Suppliers

All resources must be compliant with our International Quality Standards

Student Selection

Criteria for student selection must be agreed upon by all stakeholders and must consider the following:

  1. age of student
  2. likely impact on family
  3. current skills of student
  4. students vision for his / her future

The next step

Timeframe for:

  1. Resource Analysis
  2. Program deployment
  3. First Student enrollments

Contact Details

Luna Vermeulen, Managing Director
(+27) 83 375 0909

Physical Address: Suite 4, Medical Centre,
Hill Street, Vredenburg, South Africa
Postal Address: PO Box 507, Vredenburg, 7380, South Africa

Tel: (+27) 22 715 3200
Fax: (+27) 22 715 3201