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Luna Vermeulen, Managing Director
(+27) 83 375 0909

Physical Address: Suite 4, Medical Centre,
Hill Street, Vredenburg, South Africa
Postal Address: PO Box 507, Vredenburg, 7380, South Africa

Tel: (+27) 22 715 3200
Fax: (+27) 22 715 3201

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We render the following services:


On behalf of customers we advertise, interview and select all candidates prior to the customer’s interview with the candidate.

Labour Services:

In this division we recruit and employ workers. These workers are serving various customers on an hourly basis.

Labour Law:

Herewith all clients are saved a tremendous amount of time as we handle all disciplinary hearings, mediations and contracts. We charge a professional fee based on hours worked on the case or a daily rate.

Professional Placements:

There are many new and uplifting opportunities available for candidates in the entire medical field incl. Optical Dispensing and Optometry. Please contact us for further information.